Possibly Controller Binding problem

Hey guys,

Trying to figure out what is wrong with this drone, this is a drone i am looking at buying but it doesn’t work apparently and i got sent this video as to show what the problem was


Sorry for the quality not shot by me

@Swiftzn Moving the left stick will do nothing at the point in the video when you are moving it. You must start the motors first. The controller “appears” to be bound properly. ( At least the lights indicate so )

@Swiftzn Try reading the manual first.

Phantom 3 Standard Manual

What did the seller say is wrong with it?

He said it doesn’t fly and sent that video not much to go on thinking of paying as little as possible but no. 100% sure I want to risk. It

It could be a botched firmware update, but I’ve never heard such a tone in any of those cases. Perhaps it’s a beep pattern for a faulty hardware component.

Before buying it, you might want to get more information from the seller. Maybe ask him what changed in between now and the last time it worked. For example, if he crashed it, it might not be worth your while depending on what needs to be repaired.