Possible tablet mount for Mavic Air 2?

From this video, it looks like the MavMount might be a good option for mounting an iPad Mini (or other tablet) to the Mavic Air 2 remote controller.

I wish I could use the small crystalsky. Suppose there will be a chance they’ll port DJI Fly?

From this video, the PolarPro FlightDeck is another option that could work.


Perhaps. They are going to update the DJI Smart Controller to make it compatible with the Mavic Air 2.

I think most of the Mavic tablet mounts will work in the same way, some better than others, depending upon their adjustability.

Our existing cables are USB to Lightning, and those came with our iPads.

The challenge is the necessary longer USB-C to Lightning cable. Any good source for those, especially with an angled Lightning connector to minimize stress on the iPad?

Thanks M. Always great information that you provide!!

YET ANOTHER example of DJI’s abysmal support for the commercial market… I rely wholly on our crystal sky’s when our crews fly… we are in HI the sun is bright and we NEED TO SEE… but since the inception of the CS they have dropped the ball and continue to do so… 1 - limited 3rd party app… (we didn’t/couldnt until they allowed Litchi on the Amazon portal… 2 - they burn out the video cards like they were butter… and they cost almost the same as the unit to replace (after reviewing our purchase history and repair history they did reduce the repair by $250) - The UB gets so hot it is almost impossible to hold.

I ordered the new MA2 but will not accept delivery, they can pay to have it shipped back to them…
I dont believe they can port the Fly Ap to the CS as it is a 64 bit ap and CS 32 bit… Why do we need a simplified ap anyway??? Go 4 was fine!!!

If they go the same route with the Mavic 3 and Phantom 5 - I like many in the commercial arena are talking Autel and alternatives… UNLESS… as I have bitched to DJI about, they offer a reasonable trade in for our CS’s… to the new rumored CS or smart controller…