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PolarPro Slate Memory Card Case

PolarPro recently released the Slate SD Card Case to give you a better way to store and protect your memory cards when out in the field. The exterior of the case is made 100% of metal and optimized memory card slots make it easier to install and remove memory cards than many other traditional memory card cases.

At $40 and an inch thick, I’d still much rather have my small waterproof Pelican case, similar to the one shown in the video that they tried to improve upon. It’s half an inch thick and slips easily into a pocket or anywhere inside a drone case, including a top mesh pocket

I have the Pelican as well, but ended up going back to a simple plastic slide-in storage solution. With the foam insert cases, it seems as though microSD cards are an afterthought and I find that it is nearly impossible to store microSD cards without them falling out when you open the case. Just my opinion.

I have found that how you insert the microSD cards makes all the difference. A gentle push to get them just below the surface of the foam, with the edges of the foam cutout just over the top of the card, seems to work for me. Alternatively, many of the microSD cards are sold with an SD card adapter that the microSD card fits inside of, allowing you to double up each foam slot, and securing the microSD card underneath and the one inside the the SD card adapter. Thin is indeed better. I found the credit card holders too hard to remove the cards from, sending them into oblivion during the recoil after release.