Please help me! Vote for your mobile device

I maintain a list of commonly used mobile devices here:
Best Tablets and Phones for DJI GO (Updated Daily)

I recently made a change that will allow me to track (and later share) which versions of DJI GO people are using with these mobile devices. This is where you come in. Please go here and do the following:

1) Click the heart icon to like all of the mobile devices you’re currently using to fly your DJI drones (and that you’d recommend to a friend).

2) After liking a mobile device, choose the version of DJI GO you’re using when you see this prompt:


3) If you’re using a mobile device that’s not on this list, comment below with the name of the device and versions of DJI GO you use with it.

Thank you for helping me keep this list up-to-date!

This is what I fly my Mavic 2 Pro with and I haven’t any idea why anyone would ever use any tablet other than this for flight ops or any other reason. Yes, there’s cheaper options, however there’s no better tablet on the market based on price and tech specs.

Lenovo Tab 4 Plus, 10-Inch Android Tablet, 64-bit Octa-Core Snapdragon, 2.0 GHz, 64 GB Storage, Black, ZA2T0003US

That one is on the list. Make sure you like it :slight_smile:

Actually, the lower end model is the one listed…

This one has 4gb of RAM and 64gb of storage.

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The listing is correct, but it was linked to the wrong tablet. Thanks for pointing that out.

I added a new “DJI GO” column to show the version of DJI GO being used with each mobile device:

Thank you to everyone who liked the mobile devices they are using. If you haven’t done so already, please go here and like your mobile devices to help make this data more complete.