Playback while viewing full screen map

Perhaps I’m missing something, but when I view a full screen map, the playback icons disappear so I can’t playback a flight with a full screen map. It would be nice if the playback controls were available in full screen mode.

Yes, that’s how the map works in the current version of Flight Reader.

Ok, so I’m not missing anything. Thanks.

It would be helpful in creating presentations if the map could be enlarged - maybe by dragging down the bottom of the map – while retaining the ability to playback a flight.

Also, is there a way to be selective about the icons that are placed on the map? For example, things like “auto returning to home,” “Descending and returning to home,” and other items? In some cases I’d like to be able to display those things, at other times, I’m only interested in certain ones.

The current full-screen mode is using the full-screen functionality built into Google Maps. By default, it causes the map to cover the screen and the full-screen size is not configurable.

Did you see this setting to adjust the map size in the “General” section of the Flight Reader Options window?

While not as large as the full-screen map, that will increase the map size and allow the other functionality to be retained.

Those points are not configurable. They are currently showing where the battery level changes in 10% increments and the messages from the “APP.tip” and “APP.warning” fields.

There isn’t a concrete list of messages, the messages can change between versions of DJI applications, new messages can be added over time, and the messages can be logged in various languages, so it would be tough to attempt to list them all for choosing.

Thanks. This is very helpful.