Piece Fell Off of Gimbal on Brand New Mini-2

A tiny little plastic cover that is behind the camera on the back of the Gimbal popped out and was jamming the Gimbal. It ended up falling off and it is apparent that one of the two tabs that should hold it in place had been broken from the factory. I would hope that DJI would send me this part and I could fix it since it is realistically a 5 second fix. I just need the part. Attached are pics of the cover and where it came from. HELP! Don’t want to fly without this cover in place. :frowning_face: I’ll have to reply and add more pics I guess. Won’t let me add more than one.

Gimble back

More pics of the piece that fell off. You can see the one tab is broken.


I’ve never seen anything posted anywhere relating to DJI sending someone a part that was needed. I just don’t think they work that way. It would be nice if they did, but the world isn’t perfect anymore. Hope you get it resolved !!

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Yeah, they turned me down. They want me to send the drone to them for repair. I’m just going to return it to Best Buy and get a new one. Crazy that such an easy little fix has to be this complicated.

Did you purchase the Geek Squad protection or are you within the return period ---- oh wait, I remember something about a return date of Jan 16th for items purchase in the the Christmas season.

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Yep, They extended their returns to Jan 21.

Best Buy exchanged my Drone, no hassles at all. Makes me very happy. :smiley: