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Photos missing?

Hi, First time poster long time lurker… So this weekend I drove several hours for a couple of shoots. Probably took close to 200 photos with the mavic pro 2. Well I ended up with about 60 on the card. On site I was able to see that they were recorded. Camera sound was going off and everything seemed fine.

About half way through the day I was not able to shoot photos or videos, I landed, power cycled and everything seemed fine after that.

Anyways, come home to fine out almost everything is missing. the photo sequence goes from DJI_0711.dng to a new 101Media Folder with new set of names DJI_0001.dng. (I have the setting set to continuous so it shouldn’t reset the names)

Has anyone seen this? I’m guessing it is a memory card issue? Is there any way to recover the lost images? The flight logs are gigabytes in sizes, perhaps there are copies buried in there? Any suggestions for recovery? I tried recuva with no luck.

Hi, sorry I can’t help but I’m experiencing the same issue!
I was wondering if you found a way to retrieve the missing photos?

I used a file recovery program on the sd card. I tried several, one worked where others didn’t, try them all until you find your photos… And then I tossed that sd card into the trash. Pretty sure it was the issue. Haven’t had a problem since.