Phontom 3 pro

Im a novice and need help as I was prompted to update and after update I am showing aircrafft disconnected error and can not get it to re connect… I have a flash code, lights flash 3 times. can anyone help me?

I also show Gimbal Disconnected under aircraft status. But gimbel rotates and moves when turned on and green light is on…

What color are the lights? And is your RC connection status light green or red?

lights flash yellow three times twice then flashes yellow constantly. I have a small green light on, located above gimbal. I read that it could be a bad gimbal ribbon cable. Sorry, Im not sure where I find a RC connection status light.

The RC status light is on the far left from the 4 battery indicators. If that is red, you need to re-link. Also, you did update the RC and the Aircraft correct?