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Phone postioning.

I’ve not seen this mentioned, but that’s probably I haven’t looked deeply enough.
I have now bought another Spark, sold the first one in May, stupid decision! So was looking at the position of my mobile, Samsung galaxy note 8, with it in the lower, using the built in arms, I found in my first Spark, I kept touching the screen with the edge of my hand as I moved it up to activate the various buttons on the controller, this brought about interruptions to the DJI app functions.
I decided to buy the rcgeek metal, better than plastic imho, holder and now I can place it above the controller without interfering with the screen.
I consider this a much safer way of using the controller with a mobil, how have you found using yours?


Do you have a link or photo of the holder?

I’m not that good at getting links posted, but if you google geeksrc metal tablet holder, you should be able to find the one I have, it’s red anodised folding metal holder with a lanyard included. If you find it and are able to download the link, I should then be able to confirm it.


Hi, I had he same problem. I went to the Play store and downloaded a app that will disable (or reverse) those 2 switches. After a flight you can reset it.

I have that one, matter a fact I carry that one as a backup in my Mavic 2 kit. I also use a iPad mini4 on the front and when I run the LumeCubes I mount a iPhone 6S + on the back simultaneously so I can use the LumeCube app to run the lights