Phantom, Osmo, and Mavic Pro models being discontinued

Yesterday, DJI distributed the letter below to DJI dealers to announce the end of life for the Mavic Pro and current Phantom and Osmo models. It looks like we might have some new Phantom and Osmo products rolling out soon.

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I hope props and other accessories will be available for a long time for the Mavic Pro as mine is still in excellent flying condition.

I’m sure Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro accessories won’t be going away any time soon. Most of the Phantom 3 models were discontinued a while ago and DJI still has plenty of Phantom 3 accessories in stock.


Isn’t the new model already the Phantom 4 Pro v2?

Geez, I feel so outdated.
I bet some great deals coming soon on old stock

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I was gearing up to get an Osmo Pro, Z-Axis, and Crystal monitor as an upgrade to our current Osmo, but B&H listed all that as discontinued. DJI says the Psmo Pro is still a viable product, but it is out of stock. As much as we love the Osmo, we want to upgrade in that line without the heavier Ronin-S and all. Guess we wait and see…maybe until NAB 2019. Don’t want to get burned on obsolete item.