Phantom 4 RTK .DAT file

Hi, is the structure of the Phantom 4 RTK .DAT different to the structure of the Phantom 4 .DAT?
i.e. does DatCon work with it?

As far as I know it is the same and yes Datcon should work. @BudWalker Confirm?

The .DATs are all different in some ways. But, they’re mostly the same. Do you have an example .DAT that we can look at? AFAIK DatCon has not been used on a P4 RTK.

Thanks, I will have one early next week I can share. I am just doing some research now.

Hi, I can confirm DatCon works ok with the P4RTK.

One question though, I know DatCon decrypts v1 .Dat file using the modulo of the tick and 256 as a key and then each byte is XORed by the key. How does it work for the v3 .Dat files? Thanks

I’m more than surprised that DatCon works on a P4RTK .DAT. I have an example of a P4RTK .DAT that doesn’t work. It has a the file name RTK007.DAT and is encrypted.

Maybe the difference is in the directives given to Assistant 2 when the .DAT was extracted. Or is this a tablet .DAT?

The V1 and V3 .DAT are both encoded (not encrypted) with scheme you described. The difference is mostly in the DatHeader. Also DatCon works differently because the clock rate on the V1 .DATs are 600 HZ while the V3 .DATs have clock rates that are much higher.