Phantom 4 Pro Ver. 2.0 crash after gimbal repair

Hi all,
The Gimbal went all wobbly on my Phantom 4 Pro Ver 2 and DJI did a great job of fixing it. I got it back within a week or so. All seemed well after a couple of test flights in our (very high ceiling) home hallway. I updated the firmware, reconnected the RC, adjusted the compass (which was giving error messages), and took her outside for a smaller test flight to get shots of the kids sitting on outdoor furniture. It hovered fine for a second on auto takeoff then, on its own, started veering towards the kids which freaked me out. It was unresponsive to the controls and veered towards our roses near the back yard wall and started chopping them up as it hit the soil. There was no auto-sensing of obstacles it seems and veering towards the kids definitely freaked me out so I was relived no-one was hurt and it put down with relatively minor damage. I’ve attached the log in case anyone has any feedback. Much appreciated.

DJI Drone Flight log May 2020

DJI Drone Flight log 1 May 2020

At ~43 seconds you recieved a “Motor Obstruction” message. This would appear to be part of the issue.


Wow, thanks. Curious. I have no idea what that means. Unless some bug or something flew into the motor??
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