Phantom 4 Pro V2 now RID compliant

A new firmware update was just released to add RID support to the Phantom 4 Pro. See more details in the release notes here:

So mine says it’s “working” but it shows a red triangle next to the text. Also, I cannot get the app “drone scanner” which finds my HolyBro RiD module, to see it.

From another forum, here’s what one DJI employee said about that red triangle:

Upon checking the prompt mark of the DJI GO 4 APP only has a red triangle exclamation mark and no other form of expression, such as a green triangle, and the RID is functional, please kindly use it properly.

As for your concern, we will forward it to our R&D team to evaluate if it can be changed to the green triangle in the future, thanks for your suggestion. Appreciate your continuous support towards us, it’s our great honor to have a customer like you.

That message is a bit confusing (par for the course), but it seems DJI is acknowledging that as a bug that might be fixed in a future release.

As for Drone Scanner, lots of people have issues with that app. That message on the screen means it’s working properly. You should also see that message near the top of any TXT flight log. If you want to confirm, you can upload one of your recent TXT flight logs here to view the contents:

Thanks so much for this. So as I understand RiD is working, just the red color triangle is bugged?

Man, between that and the HolyBro + dronescanner weirdness (they told me two lights blinking you’re good!) I have little faith this will ever be seen by an actual aircraft or every contribute to anyone’s safety. It’s annoying I need one for every pro drone I use.

Thanks for the info!

That’s correct.

I think I saw reference to that on the Mavic forum. Funny, I can read it but can’t see the picture of the guy who posted it without becoming a member. Maybe if I splurge for a 3 cine some day! Thanks again.