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Phantom 4 pro V2.0 shake

I have the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 and the footage I’ve taken is extremely shaky. The drone has had zero crashes. It’s in every single video I’ve shot. I’ve tried changing settings, looking for other answers. But nothing seems to work. Has anyone else done anything that worked?

I bought 2 phantom 4 pro v2 last week. My first device has a same problem I sent my seller and contact the Dji support and my device changed a new one but new device still have same problem and I sent it to seller too.
I think it’s a known manifactured problem for some Phantom 4 pro series…

I have send the Drone back for repair with the same problem. It is the Gimbal vibration that cause the problem. Sometimes it help when you calibrate the Gimbal with the Drone straight up on its back arms. Do it a few times and do the normal calibration also. It sometimes fix the problem.

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My devices gimbal calibrations stuck %50.

Disconnect the Drone, Remote and App, restart everything, and try again with the Drone straight up first. Put the Drone straight up before you start it.

But Its still shaking on video or fix it… if its fixed why you sent the repair.?

I saw some shaking on my other Drone, and do not want to go through the repair again, and saw this method that sometimes help. If this does not help they have to repair it.

This is a manifactured problem I think…
Because I had P2, P3 and P4 Advanced before p4 pro v2 and there is nothing problem same this.