Phantom 4 Pro switches to ATTI

Hello all, I posted on a different forum and was told to repost here, so I am. Recently my P4P started randomly switching to ATTI mode when flying. I live in the country, no large metal structures, no magnetic fields, can get connected to 16 satellites. I have looked at the flight logs but other than identifying it switching to ATTI mode I do not understand the data. Here is a link to a dropbox folder with the flight data. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Tom

I am sorry but I cannot help you with your issues. I do not know which site sent you away, but if the members at this site cannot help you, you might try PhantomPilots. It is almost exclusively Phantoms…

Good Luck and I hope the repair is cost-free…

It was PhantomPilots, a nice bunch of guys trying to help me figure it out. I am so overwhelmed with reading, downloading logs, converting logs, trying to interpret logs, posting links…it’s almost too much, at 67 I don’t do as well as I used to. For 5 years I pulled it out of the box flew it and all was right in the world… then one day it just goes crazy.

I am sorry to hear that, perhaps, depending on your finances, you might want to send it in for service at DJI in Fort Worth, TX. I have read good things about the charges and they are not unreasonable at least with the Mavics and Minis. Good Luck!