Phantom 4 Pro propellers stopped, drops to ground, crashed .

We started with Pix4DCapture planning flight, with flight time estimated in 5min:21s. All pre-flight checks were done with DJI GO. While hovering over a wide open field, the P4P ran a distance of just 521 ft, then stopped and begin rotating about 90 degrees. Suddenly, the propellers stopped (we’ve seen it clearly), it seemed to lose power or have some kind of major failure as it just dropped straight to the ground from around 262 ft in the air.

The aircraft suffers serious damage as the camera was knocked clear off, the case cracked, 2 of the 4 propellers were broken although the hub was still attached to the motor. It will still power up and we could download the files off the drone.

We not received any notification from the app. There was nothing anywhere close for it to run into.
Any help would be appreciated. I uploaded the flight record.

The .DAT has a few problems. Can you provide the .DAT from the P4P. Here are some instructions

Is there somewhere else the file can be viewed? My DropBox can’t open it. How about YouTube?

You can’t directly view the .dat file. Upload it just as you did the previous one and share the link here.

Sorry, I guess that I am just too dense to figure this out.

It’s pretty straight forward actually. What seems to be the issue you are having difficulty with?

Well I clicked on your dropbox link: [18-12-14-08-26-05_FLY021.DAT] and the page told me that .dat files cannot be previewed.

That is correct, but they can be downloaded and converted, that is the process.

Looks like Idon’t have the right version of DropBox to view it. That’s alright, I don’t have the patience to go through all the hoops to make this work. I don’t use dropbox so am not familar with it and besides I am sure that you have more important things to do than deal with this. Thank you for your help, would be nice to view but I am just an old man with little patience to have to do this. Thanks again. One thing though, it took me to a place I have never been and it was:
Guide to the Phantom 2 Vision & Vision+
Don’t know what that was all about.

That makes no difference. Dropbox will tell you that .dat files can’t be previewed. That is because they are encrypted and must be converted to the correct format AFTER downloading the file.

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File uploaded.

I’m going to guess that there was an abrupt FC failure and the P4P re-booted. At the end of the FLY021.DAT there were none of the usual indications of an abrupt power failure. Then FLY022.DAT begins about 18 secs after the end of FLY021.DAT. So the battery didn’t come loose. I suppose the battery could have has an internal intermittent failure.

Looking at the eventLog stream it appears that a WP mission was loaded and the motors were started under that mission. But, then it’s hard to tell if the mission was still in control when the failure occurred. Was the initial flight and 90 degree turn part of the mission?

I can’t see anything that indicates the cause of the FC failure - if that’s in fact what happened. @Fly_Dawg what do you think?

I would take a look but have been having all kinds of network issues so haven’t been able to download the file…as of yet. Not sure what is going on with that just yet…

What kind of internal intermittent failure could possibly occur with the battery? And FC, you mean Flight Controller?

There have been quite a few issues with the P4’s battery. ( All Models ). These simply dropped from the sky for no apparent reason. The best that has been determined is a loose and/or A poorly seated battery, just judging from the similarities from all the different data files. I don’t know if @BudWalker has seen this image, but it was retrieved from a P4 that “Fell from the sky”. This may or may not be related to your issue, but you could take a look at the contacts for any “arcing” evidence as a start. See image below…

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Yes, FC means Flight Controller.

Sorry, there isn’t any data that would support something more specific than “internal intermittent failure”