Phantom 4 Pro lost

Hi, hubby was flying our brand new Phantom 4 Pro with Goggles RC2. He lost sight of it, pressed ‘home’ to have it fly automatically home but it never returned. Probably because the battery was running low. Now he cannot find it anymore. The goggles are still attached to the remote with iPad.

I searched online and noticed that we can connect the iPad with iTunes to get the flight path. But when I do that, the last one is from yesterday, not today. Is that because the goggles are still connected to the remote?

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

Was he running DJI GO on his iPad while using the DJI Goggles?

He had the DJI GO app open but as far as I can see it wasn’t running as I tried ‘Find my Drone’ and it only saw it from 22 hours ago (yesterday afternoon). The iPad only has Wifi and he was flying without access to wifi at the time (as he didn’t know that was maybe necessary).
Hope you have any idea what to do? We are very unexperienced flyers…

How were the DJI Goggles connected to the remote controller?

Via a cable

Via a USB cable or an HDMI cable? If an HDMI cable, was the iPad connected via a USB cable while he was flying?

What exactly do you mean by the DJI GO app was open but not running? Could he see the live video feed in DJI GO before taking off?

It was via USB cable.
And what I meant with DJI GO: it wasn’t connected to the internet. But yes, there was live feed on the app.

DJI GO creates a TXT flight log whether or not it’s connected to the Internet. Try restarting the iPad and then connect it to iTunes again to see if the flight log is there.

Even before attempting to connect to iTunes, you should see the flight record here in DJI GO if it exists:

Thanks and I’ve checked. Unfortunately the only flights on there are from yesterday so apparently something went very wrong today (apart from the fact that the aircraft is lost…). Any other ideas how to find the drone back?

The DJI Goggles also store a flight log. Unfortunately, there are no tools available that can read those flight logs. You could connect the DJI Goggles to the DJI Assistant 2 application, upload the flight logs to DJI, and contact DJI support for help. They should at least be able to give you the last recorded location.