Phantom 4 Pro just fell out of the air

I am new to UAV flying and yesterday was my second time flying the P4 when after about 20 seconds it just fell.
I uploaded the file to LogViewer-

I couldn’t see anything in the data. Did I not insert the battery properly and it lost power?

Any help would be appreciated.

That would be my suspicion. P4’s are very vulnerable to that. Since the data ended so abruptly with no reported errors, that would be my say. According to the data you were flying at ~17mph then the aircraft pitched up to hard stop, then the data ends. I would say the battery was ejected.

Thanks Fly_Dawg, I will double check the battery next time. But first need to install new landing gear and gimbal :slight_smile:

On my P4A’s I always check the bottom of the battery when inserted in the drone. Many times I have noticed a small gap. I hit the battery with the side of my palm to click it in fully. Not saying this is what caused the battery to dislodge but something to always check.