Phantom 4 pro Help needed.

Hi everyone, Im new here.

Ive had my 4 pro for over 12 months now and its been flying fine… All of a sudden out of the blue to started when flying in a straight line it veers off to the to the side sharply and if you yaw it to change direction it will keep veering off until you stop then start again.

It doesn’t matter the wind direction as sometimes its into the wind or if no wind at all still veers way offline.

Lately it been coming up with compass error, flicks between p mode and atti mode at times in flight and on the last flight of got everything. compass error, yaw error, speed errors.
I have recalibrated everything over and over. I have refreshed the firmware, cold calibrated the IMU, calibrated the compass out in the middle of a paddock and still all this happened, even at different locations. seems to be more and more every time I fly and Im loosing confidence in flying it.
Im always very cautious of where Im powering up that there isn’t any power lines, underground cables, concrete etc. I use a wooded board to take off from and it doesn’t seem to matter if its on a grass are or gravel area, dirt it still does it.

Ive uploaded 2 flights both are in totally different areas. The last flight

This flight things started to go haywire after already using 2 batteries. Taking off from the same spot.

Im out of options and was hoping maybe somebody can help here on what to do next or what the issue might be. I feel its a hardware issue but Im no expert…


Looking at both of your flights it looks to me like the heading is consistent with the rudder inputs seen by the P4P. But, the rudder inputs look suspicious - not like something a pilot would do. In this interval the erratic nature of the rudder inputs (black) can be seen

Heading (red) follows the rudder inputs.

I’ve heard that a magnet close to the controller can cause this since the joy stick HW is magnetic. That not being the case I would suspect the joy stick HW is faulty.

There were no compass errors, switching to ATTI, etc.

Have you tried an IMU calibration making sure away from any metal etc

Yes I have, many times out in the open.

Thanks BudWalker, but why is it loosing GPS signal after some flights and not flying in a straight line. coming up with speed errors, etc.

Have calibrated the controller?

You’ll need to provide a log file where those behaviors happened. The logs you submitted suggest there is a problem with the controller. They did not show a loss of GPS

So how to I provide these log files you mention… Im not too savy with logs… lol…

The same way you submitted the logs in your first post.

There might be some confusion here. When I said you’ll need to provide log files that exhibits this behavior what I meant is that you need to first determine a flight had those behaviors. And, then provide the log for that flight.

I think the problem is the controller is sending incorrect rudder inputs.

Thanks BubWalker… I shall have a look through them and see what i can find…