Phantom 4 pro + fell out of the sky

I had powered my drone on (full battery) and it started going up to 400m, when it reached it (it’s the limit on authorized to fly) it still went up 4 more meters, had a connection problem (like what happens when the drone is too far, although it never happened when it was so close before) and then disconnected and starting falling, a part (I think a propeller) fell from it and they both crashed into the forest. I searched the forest for more than an hour and haven’t found anything yet but I’m gonna still search for the debris later. My question is, if the error is a problem from DJI, will they fix the drone for a small fee or should I just try to buy an other one?

Update: I found the drone and it’s actually the battery that fell out after it disconnected (I always verify the battery is well clipped before flying tho). The drone has suffered minor esthetic damage (as well as one propeller breaking two parts) but has a dent where the battery needs to go not letting me place a new battery there.