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Phantom 4 Pro Fell Out of Sky (No CSC)


we were flying the Phantom 4 Pro yesterday and out of the blue it fell out of the sky. I though initially it was because of CSC but after checking the flight logs it doesn’t seem to be the case. Based on the lack of message and the position of the sticks it seems it just fell out of the sky out of the blue.

the flight log can be viewed HERE

It looks like the flight log actually stops a couple seconds before the drone actually fell out of the sky.

Maybe I’m missing something in the flight logs, but any help would be great! Thank you

If you were not aware, P4’s were notorious for battery disconnects. It appears that this may be the case here as well. The abrupt stop manuever approx 1 sec before the data ends, I would suspect dislodged the battery. Possibly the DAT file could provide more info.

Thanks for the reply. I looked at my .DAT file in Csv View, but the information is a bit lost on me. Does this give the right info?

Can you share the full DAT? (FLY064)

Of course. Thank you for your help!

As a new user I can’t upload attachments directly. But it’s in THIS Dropbox folder.

FLY064 does not seem to be the correct DAT. Or a second DAT was started afterwards. There is no motor start in FLY064. I realize the .TXT file indicates the correlation, but the data doesnt match.

Interesting. Thanks for pointing that out cause I wouldn’t have figured that out. I added all other DAT files from that day if that helps.

Looks to me like FLY063.DAT is the one that matches the .txt. FLY064.DAT shows the P4P booting up, being handled some and then powered off. I’m thinking that the P4P dropped out of the sky in front of you and you picked it up and turned it off.

Anyway, these .DATs don’t have enough info to see what happened. Can you retrieve the on board .DATs using DJI Assistant 2. Look here
to see how to do that.

Thanks for the reply. Okay, I think I got the right file through the app. The file can be found HERE

Thanks again for all the help!

The EXPORT…DAT you submitted doesn’t contain any flight control .DATs. I suspect that when you used DJI Assistant 2 that you selected Vision and not Flight Control. If so, can you try it again?

I’m sorry, I must be missing something. This is all I see. I did Log Export, but I don’t see anything else.

It’s been a while since I’ve used DJI Assistant 2 and it changes depending on the platform. What does the screen look like when you select Log Export? And what does it look like when Flight Data is selected?

This is what it looks like

It looks like there are some different files than the last time I plugged the drone in. So I downloaded them HERE Let me know if this helps! Thank you!

Yes, the EXPORT…DAT file now contains the .DATs we need. FLY064.DAT shows an abrupt power loss. At the very end of the .DAT the motor voltage collapses from about 14.8 volts to around 6.4 volts. This is almost certainly caused by a battery disconnect.

Looking at FLY065.DAT it appears the P4P was powered up inverted, picked up after 40 seconds and then powered off.

I’m speculating the impact caused the battery to re-connect.

Wow, thank you so much! That helps a lot