Phantom 4 Pro - Fell From the Sky

New to the Forum and also new to this kind of catastrophe. Flying our P4P on a large site we were capturing for 3D modeling. Was on the 3rd mission when the App (Pix4D) showed the drone stationary. I tried to ‘Return to Home’ and or bring it back manually. No joy. Tried to cancel the Pix4D App and fire up DJI GO 4 but couldn’t connect to the drone. Got in the car (it’s a big site) and drove to where I saw the last image capture and found it smashed to pieces in the parking lot. Thank god it didn’t land on the building, a car or a person. Checked the images (I luckily found the SD card which was like 20’ away from the drone. The final 5 images were all the same. It’s as if the drone stopped and kept firing the camera sensor. No images were there that showed the fall.
I’ve never had a failure like this before. I always do a pre-flight. Make sure the battery is FULLY seated, etc. I have no idea how to get the LOG file and/or connect with DJI to see if they can determine what the heck happened. I definitely am VERY skittish now with our DJI fleet (multiple P4Ps and M2Ps). Any help, advice or direction would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks and warm regards, -Peter

Not completely sure about Pix4D, however there may be a device DAT available. See the text below.
If you find the correct file post it here and we can take a look.


Mobile device DJI TXT logs

The log naming convention, based on the date and time of the start of the flight, is: DJIFlightRecord_YYYY_MM_DD_[hr-min-sec].txt .​

Detailed instructions are available on @msinger’s excellent PhantomHelp website and also on AirData, but the basic details are as follows:​

With iOS devices running DJI GO 4 you need to access the app files via computer, either using iTunes or with a file system browser such as iExplorer. The TXT logs are in Apps » DJI GO 4 » FlightRecords . The same method can be used to access DJI Fly files in DJI Fly » FlightRecords , but with DJI Fly they are also accessible using the iOS Files app by selecting Browse » On My iPhone » DJI Fly » FlightRecords .​

With Android devices the file system should mount when plugged into a Windows machine, or via various software options on a Mac. With DJI GO 4 the TXT logs are in DJI » dji.go.v4 » FlightRecord . With DJI Fly they are in DJI » dji.go.v5 » FlightRecord .​