Phantom 4 Pro Defective Warranty?

Hello and thank you for reading.

Basically my question is, is it worth pursuing any further or just scrap it and go to a new lineup. IE is there any scenario in which DJI will cover?

My situation is I have owned this drone for I believe 4 years, never did buy the care package. A year ago or so the drone was seriously mis-behaving all software related as there was no real physical damage if anything it was superficial. Either way after extensive TSing with DJI I sent it and of course they replaced a bunch of components for about half the price of the drone, saying cracked boards etc.

I have only flown it maybe 5 times since I got it back. I tried to get the care package after they serviced it but they wouldn’t offer it to me.

Flew it last night to record fireworks and the controller said aircraft lost signal and dropped from the sky. If it cost me half the cost of the drone for the last repairs this thing is destroyed and will need to be completely replaced and I have no warranty.

My issue is, I don’t think I made any errors, I think this unit is defective. However does that matter, won’t they just say its out of warranty? Which at this point start shopping for a new drone. However if the unit is defective and I can prove it will they cover?

I did pre-flight batteries etc were good, even flew it for 2 mins to confirm all was working.
It was nigh time I don’t believe it was a bird strike.
I live on 130 acres of land, was high up, no tree or anything could have hit it.
I actually just had it sitting still hovering to record the ground, maybe 5 mins tops of operation time
I never got a warning just disconnect and dropped best I can tell

I have everything recovered, I have a controller with screen in one.
Looks like the drone melted on one side and it smells of melted wires and plastic

Please Advise and Thank You In Advance

To update The drone was located exactly below where it lost connectivity to the joystick
If it wasn’t a total failure then the return to home should have initiated but that doesn’t appear to be the case, looks like it went straight down.

I was able to pull 2 video files from the drone - 1 was the test flight - 2 is corrupted and it wont let me load at all.

Again battery was in it when I found it, a side of the drone is melted and bubbled, the drone stinks of melted plastic and or wires.

I think it was catastrophic failure of software / hardware without impact IE bad design, just my opinion though.

This also doesn’t inspire me to buy another DJI Drone.