Phantom 4 possibly fell into lake- Help please

Hey all,

I use a Phantom Pro to do survey work so it flies the same route weekly taking pictures every so often. Today whilst flying after about 15min, I lost connection and the projected route was over a body of water at the time. I’ve had a quick read through similar issues/recovering flight records and am kind of at a loss now of what to do. If I found how long it had been flying for I can look at previous routes and find out where it would’ve lost power/crashed etc.

I’ve downloaded the flight records off the app but I cannot find a record for today, I assume that was a setting it was on whether to record it or not? All previous weeks of flying are accounted for though. However MCDatFlightRecords does have an entry from today although quite a small file size (74kb).

I’ve had a look at that and either it just took the record when first starting up or I cannot read it properly. The GeoPlayer picture shows the record being only where it first took off. Below is a screen grab of some signals.
If this flight record data isn’t sufficient and the normal flight record doesn’t exist, does that mean finding the drone is a lost cause for me? Is there anything I’m missing that would help me? Obviously happy to provide the DAT file is anyone wants to have a look for themselves.

This looks like a continuation of the .dat and/or possibly lost signal for a long stretch of time. Share this .dat, the one before and the one after ( If there is one ) and we can take a better look.

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