Phantom 4 Map pilot pro Ipad mini 5 mini 4 and galaxy tab A8 connection Issues

Hi There,
Equipment we are using: Phantom 4x2 , Phantom 4 Pro V2x2.
Tablets Ipad mini4x2 Ipad mini5x2 Samsung TabA8.
Each of these connects to the DJI App ok. When connecting to the mapping software it cannot connect to the drone. All troubleshooting suggestions from the Mapping software support team tried eg Controller power cycles , remove and add cable cable, all other drone related software off.

I tried different combinations of tablets and drones. The Tab A8 works intermittently with the mapping software. The ipad Mini 4 works ok but missions stop mid flight and need to be reuploaded so are now unuseable. Mini 5 does not connect at all with the software.

Any suggestions?