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Phantom 4 lost control and crash

Yesterday I was flying my drone over an abandoned rail bridge. I had flown its length once, returned and went out again. I had good line of site and was planning my next move when I heard the controller say atti mode. What!? Ok hands off the stick to hover and access the situation. The drone is flying in a large circle. I’m watching it spin on the screen, spin in the sky, try to regain control, return to home, anything. Then it says disconnected. We can still see it spinning. I’m telling my husband, if it disconnects from the controller it should stop and hover. I’m walking through the desert to see if I can get closer and reconnect. Husband is watching the drone still while I try to avoid snakes. It disappears from site, still spinning. It was over a river. Most likely went in. The last GPS data is not an accurate representation of the last line of site, since it crossed over the bridge while we watched it.

I’m still in shock. Not sure if it was a GPS error or lost a motor. The last error message said motor idling or lost prop, but that occurred way after to went out of control. Don’t know if the g forces broke a prop or if that was the problem. I had done a thorough prop inspection after the last time I flew the drone.
My flight log
My youtube video
Any insights?

Also recommendations for replacement? I have another P4 right now. I like their stability in the wind. I like to do farm harvest videos and we travel. 4k isn’t important because this is just a hobby. Thought about getting a mini for short quick videos, but still have my p4 for more serious stuff. I’m worried about the minis problems with the app and flyaways.

Per your flight log, you lost a prop:

How about the P4P V2? The latest and greatest Phantom.

Thanks for your feedback. I’m guessing one of those columns would rule out an engine failure which was our other guess.

I think the P4P v2 is out of my price range right now, but I do love the Phantom series. Since I have a backup drone I have some time to save up.

What a shame, I mean this in a good way, what a great (sad) video!

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I agree. It was some amazing footage I hope to never record again :wink: :smile: