Phantom 4 crash (High School Drone)

Teacher in Houston TX. We have a Phantom 4 for our high school class. Students and myself are learning to fly and operate the drone. Drone crashed and broke all the propellers and legs cracked. Luckily we were flying close to Home and nobody got hit when it hit the floor in front of us.

Drone was flying fine.
Screen went black.
Drone lost power.
Drone crashed.

Flight log show “Strong wireless interference” but I cant see anything in there that can show me exactly what the problem is.

I am not allowing students to fly until I can figure out what happened (students are bummed). I have to be extra careful for safety of students. It was difficult getting a drone for the class and I don’t want be banned from using it.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Flight log link:

Drones lose power when the battery shuts off due to being fully depleted (not the case here) or the battery disconnects mid-flight. Did you double check that the battery was latched in on both sides of the battery compartment before taking off?

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes battery was latched in correctly. This is the second time it has happened. First time I assumed the student operating the drone caused the crash on accident (drone was low to ground and fell on grass).

I concur with @misinger. The data simply ends abruptly as a battery disconnect of some sort would do. Other than that, the data indicates a completely normal flight. If you care to do so, and the aircraft will power up, you can retrieve the aircraft .dat file from the aircraft itself. At times it will indicate a power disruption before shutting down. That said, if the aircraft completely shut down before the dat was fully written, it is a mute point. These power shutdowns ( Of unknown, true origin ) have occurred more than you might think with the P4’s. That said, if you would like to attempt the extra data recovery see the link below. You will need to upload the .dat file to a sharable site such as dropbox, google drive etc…and share a link back here to that, should you be inclined to do so.

Retrieve Aircraft Dat File

Thanks for the help so far! I will upload the aircraft dat file ASAP

Got the DAT files:

Just found another issue after crash. Camera stabilizer not working. Camera moves on its own and clicking noises. Camera just wobbles around. Is there a way to recalibrate the stabilizer or is it just broken?

You link is not shared correctly. Adjust your settings.

settings adjusted. Thanks

These are not exported correctly. The file name should be FLYXXX.dat. I don’t use assistant so I cant extract the actual data file. If you can re-upload the FLYXXX.dat file’s I can take a look.

Second attempt to DAT File: shared settings are adjusted

Almost. You want FLY035. That’s the one that matches the .txt you submitted in your first post.

I take it back. The tablet .DATs won’t help here. It has to be the .DAT on the P4 itself.

Using DJI Assistant 2 can be tricky sometimes. You managed to create a .DAT that didn’t contain any of the “real” .DAT files. Try selecting more flights when the DJI Assistant presents the Flight Index. If you can manage to figure out how to use ExtractDJI then you can extract the contents of the file that DJI Assistant creates. You’re looking for FLY035.DAT.

ok thanks.

ok so the school network will not allow me to visit the Retrieve DAT file link yall posted. I will have to try to get the DAT from the P4 later when I get home.