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Phantom 4 Control Loss


I have had a couple instances where I lost control of my Phantom 4. I had posted over on another forum but today learned this is likely a little more targetted to the kind of help I need.

I bought my Phantom 4 used several weeks ago. It flew fine for the first 8 - 10 flights. I flew it around my shop which is in an industrial area as well as a nice spot outside of the city which I live in. So the issue seems to have developed during my short ownership. I have not crashed it. I have had 4 instances of this loss of control. The three previous times which I lost control could potentially be explained by my being around metal or other interference causing items. I think that today I was not launching from a spot at which anything could have caused interference. Maybe I am wrong about that. This Phantom is scary when I am not able to control it. I also have a Mavic Pro and Mini. Neither have had any problems at the spots where I have had trouble with my Phantom.

Today I had two flights. The first was about 20 minutes then I landed at 22%, changed batteries. The flight was great. THe Phantom performed really well. The second flight, I launched and within two-ish second moved the right stick to move the Phantom a little farther away from me. I sure wish I had a GoPro on my head to video what happened. Like before, it shot off in a random direction without any input to move it. My control problem started at about 1m, 9Sec in to the log. I started trying to put it down right away. it would go down then lurch upwards repeating that. I put it into sport mode to turn off obstacle avoidance to attempt regaining control. It made no difference. I also turn avoidance off then went back to P mode, same thing, down then up. Eventually after about two minutes I got it on the ground. Lucky that there was not hard landing impact. I can see that in the flight, long after I lost control, there was a huge signal loss. I noticed signal strength lower than I expected in my first flight as well.

My Phantom has a Maxxuav DBS Phantom ITEllite DBS02.22 and no other mod.

First Flight today which was good (for reference)

Loss of control flight:

Thank you very much for any help identifying my issue.

Sounds like you needed to recalibrate your gps. I’ve had the same problem. It fixed itself with recalibration. Also make sure the Phantom has updated firmware. I had trouble getting my drone to return to home. I had to take manual control and bring it in that way. A friend turned me on to updating the drone firmware. It will not always tell you an update is needed. If something just doesn’t work right, it could be that. Anyway, my 2 cents. You need to get the dji assistant 2 downloaded on your computer and plug your drone into the usb of your pc. Follow directions.