PHANTOM 4 Camera isue

Hello everyone, I really need a help w this.
my P4 started to take pics and record video w those lines when it gets a white cloud, and some pink dots when it gets something dark. Idk why, and idk what to do so please give me a feedback
im also attaching a link w my screen recorded, so u guys can understand it even better, thank u.

Did you crash or damage your Phantom in some other way?

This is normally a sign of a damaged camera. But, you could try using a different memory card to rule that out as the cause.

From what I can see:

Nothing wrong with the drone. This is a camera setting to catch over exposed pics

In camera settings disable “overexposure warning”

Check that; simple fix

This is what happens when the Overexposure Warning setting is enabled:

gotcha… i just did a quick look. Should have realized the “stripes” were not in the entire sky

Also they are vertical and not angular, as the overexposure warning is. As well as the fact you can see the random pixels which are not in the area in question.