Phantom 4 battery repair and reset

Hello guys! Please I am new here but I need technical explanation and assistance. I have just started reseting and repairs dji batteries.
I swapped bms from a phantom 4 battery with a voltage 13.4v to another phantom 4 with battery voltage of 16.4v. But when I connect this to ev2400 module using Texas instrument software, the battery would not be recognized, but if it does, the cells voltages are looking some kind of random and unacceptable. If I refresh the whole data wipes, for data to be read again i would have to press the power button and quickly refresh the software, then same random cells voltages appear again.
But if I use this same bms on the 13.4v cell pack it is well recognized by the software. Pls what is the problem here and the solution. I am new in repairs of these batteries

I have tried like two working bms on that same battery pack of 16.4v it does same thing.