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Phantom 4 Batteries

A friend of mine has a Phantom 4 that is about a year old. He went to take his drone out flying and when he turned it on, the controller and the battery lit up, and then before he could get it flying both batteries shut down. He said he thought he hadn’t charged it in a “couple of months.” I am guessing longer. So is there any way to get those batteries working or are they toast? Thanks. Ken

Charging both the drone battery and remote controller would be the first thing to try. It’ll be tough to troubleshoot if he’s not at least working with batteries that have been charged.

It sounds like you’re describing what happens when you single press the power button. Are you sure he remembers how to power on the drone and remote controller?

Thanks so much for this. I will pass the information along and see if it helps. I will report back…