Phantom 4 Advanced fell down

My drone fell to the ground and got damaged 20m away from me 10m up in air just seconds after take off. What could cause this and what can I do now?

Thanks, Lars

Your TXT flight log ends abruptly when your Phantom is flying at about 27 feet. That could be a sign that the battery was not fully inserted and lost contact mid-flight (causing the Phantom to power off).

Does your Phantom still power on? If so, more details about your flight can be found in the DAT flight log. You can find instructions for retrieving the DAT flight log here. The data within that flight log can be viewed with DatCon or CsvView.

If you need help reviewing your DAT flight log, then please upload it to a file sharing site (like Dropbox) and post the download link here.

Thanks for your reply. The battery was outside the drone when I picked everything up, but it looked that the craft was hit hard around where you insert the battery. It was clicked in as normal before flying. If the drone can fly without the battery fully inserted thats a malfunction, in my opinion. I can’t put the battery back in as it looks now, will try a little harder later. I have contacted my seller and DJI service partner, so will wait for their reply.

The battery clicks into place on both the top and bottom of the battery compartment. It can be inserted and make contact with just the top or bottom clicked into place. This problem is common enough that DJI added a sensor in the bottom of the P4P V2 battery compartment to prevent the Phantom from taking off when the battery is not fully snapped into place.


If that’s what happened, DJI is likely not going to cover it under warranty since it’s a pilot error. They will allow you to use DJI Care Refresh if you have a policy.

I understand that, and will wait for them to examine it. Dji will see from the logs if the battery was not fully inserted or how can they conclude this?

While the flight log will not show if the battery was fully inserted, they should be able to determine if the battery was disconnected mid-flight or if an unrelated hardware failure caused the crash.

Good to know, hope for an answer to sort thing out.

Please let us know how you make out. It’ll be interesting to hear what DJI finds.

Hi again,
If you still remember this thread I now finally have something to share. I sent the bird to the norwegian store and service center, they sent it to DJI abroad somewhere. Nothing happened for a long period and now I got the answer that the Phantom got lost in the mail and they’ll send me another one. So I have to live without knowing what caused the accident, but at least I’ll soon have a drone to fly.
Regards, Lars

Thanks for the update!