Phantom 4 advanced + crash

Any ideas folks ?
The outside air temp was -7c, btw.
Airborne without a problem, all looking good . Drone got to about 390 feet over the farm, suddenly, I had a ‘antenna’ error message, followed by a ‘disconnected’ message, from which the drone never came home. Your helpful suggestion concerning the ‘finding my drone’ item allowed me to locate it the following day, thank you.
Damage was three trashed props and a couple of minor panels damaged, which you are sending to me as we speak.
Now, after buying new props, I shall fit the items as supplied. When I calibrated all I could calibrate, and started the drone without props, I get a ‘gimbal overload’ amber warning. I have done all that is suggested, within reason, as per various authoritative sources, DJI, etc., I continue to get the same amber warning.
Having flown the drone in Litchi the error message is not displayed. Perhaps, Litchi has a different set of error parameters?
Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you.