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Phantom 3S fix, repair, or sell

I’m new here and to drone’s. I have a very nice phantom 3 standard with extra battery, hard backpack carrying case, and, blades to name a few extras.I was doing great until a wind storm kicked up and knocked my drone out of the sky breaking the camera and the gimbal both. Do I buy a new camera and attempt to repair myself, should I send it in or take it somewhere for repair, or should I sell as & buy something else new if so how much is it worth including extra blades more. Thanks for any help!

I broke my standard 3 gimbal, but was not sure of the camera. I repaired the gimbal but the camera turned out broken as well. Wound up selling the broken camera and drone together. I loved my Phantom 3, but I was never happy with the range. I priced and bought a Phantom 4, it had better range. People will buy your Standard outfit as is. I am not unhappy with my change, and have gone on to get the Phantom And Mavic 2 pros, plus 2 sparks and an Inspire 1 Pro with the X5 camera. The Mavic 2 is very quiet and reliable, and I use it to shoot real estate. The Phantom 4 on up series are great drones, but noisy!! Good luck to you.

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Sorry to here about your P3S. I replaced the camera and gimbal assembly on my P3S about 9 months ago from a rebuilt one I purchased off eBay for just over CAN$200. It has worked perfectly since. My P3S wasn’t crashed, the gimbal progressively failed.

DJI just came out with the Mini SE for a very reasonable price, so you might consider that option as there could be more wrong with your P3S than just the camera. Parts for the P3S are getting harder to find and are more expensive now.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


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