Phantom 3 won’t link gimbal response no camera

After starting the controller I start the drone. The drone battery has all lights on, 4 green 1 red. The gimbal is controlled by the wheel but the camera never displays on the iPhone app. The tiny light on the front of the drone starts flashing green and switches to flashing red. The drone sat unused for sometime. I put it on the charger. It took it’s own sweet time starting to charge but charged completely and shut off. Could the battery be in hibernation? The drone has not crashed.

Buy a new battery.

The lights all work. The camera wheel repositions the camera. Tilting the drone results in the gimbal maintaining the camera level. The battery is slowly discharging. The remaining battery life in the 80-90% range. I can correct the compass.

I don’t understand how the battery can be unsalvageable?

May be save able. Never hurts to have a extra battery. Plus see it it solves the issue.

Sadly, I barely need one battery. This the first time I tried to fly it this year. It would be a good way to eliminate variables. Thanks

I’m beginning to think the problem may be the controller battery. I turned it on and forgot it. When I checked later the battery would not even light up. It charged up rather quickly. I started trying to run it down. It soon started beeping and left alone shut off. I kept it awake for 2-3 hours on 4 different occasions over 2 days. It has 2 solid and 1 flashing green. Seems it should be lower by now.

You may be on to it. Amazon has some decent pricing on battery for this unit.