Phantom 3 upgrade

Dug out my phantom the other day and want to get it upgraded a bit.
I’ve got the iosd mini and a 5.8ghz transmitter to send the picture from my go pro back to the screen and the picture isn’t the best. (never was tbh)

Boscam RX-LCD5802 5.8Ghz Wireless FPV 7" is the screen I’m using.

I tried swapping the antennas a few years back and there may be better/newer ones available.

Is there a quick upgrade I could look at? Or am I just throwing money away and should just get a newer and also smaller drone.


I still have my Phantom 3 Advanced which was my first drone and still enjoy. But honestly, you’re better off checking out the new drones. Not just from DJI but now Autel and Skydio have some good drones and features which will interest you. You just need to figure out your budget. Keep in mind your phone and tablet (ipad mini?) and if it will be compatible. Hopefully you won’t go too deep in the rabbit hole! :slight_smile:

Cheers, I think I’ve come to that conclusion just from looking for the past hour. Even if I did upgrade any bits they easily stack up to more than the drones value.

I think you’ll find the 5.8 gHz video system you are using has an analog signal, which is much lower resolution than the digital systems used by DJI.