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Phantom 3, sudden loss of control / crash - help with log interpretation?

Log Link:

Went flying last weekend… medium wind… 10-12 mph, rose straight up out of a clearing… got to altitude, took my eyes off the drone to check my camera feed… suddenly, the feed was tumbling, my screen was flashing magnetic field warnings and the drone was dropping. It dropped down into a ravine, thus the negative altitude at the end.
Recovered the drone minus 1 propeller, camera loose but still attached (ribbon cable ripped out), 1 set of landing gear tweaked (bent inward, seems to be pulling out of body a bit)

Only minimal power lines nearby, VERY rural setting. I see from the log that the drone was loosing altitude very rapidly before the first warning. I was not bringing it down manually. I don’t think I could drop 120ft in 4 seconds anyway, right?

Any thoughts on why it crashed?


By mentioning the fact that one prop was missing. I think you answered your own question. Looks like a lost prop from the data.

Fly_Dawg, thanks for running the log through … csviewer? I appreciate the feedback. I agree that prop loss seems the most likely scenario. Could you help me interpret the graph you posted though? If prop loss occurred at 88.739, wouldn’t we see excessive pitch, yaw or roll at that time? or is the sudden wobble actually just that? Will a P3 struggle to keep itself sort of upright, or do the oscilations shown indicate a full tumble? Finally, what are the color coded backgrounds representative of?

Again, thank you for helping a newbie!

Oh, also, I’ve heard discussion of pulling data from the aircraft itself, more detailed data, yes? Would anyone be willing to point me to a FAQ on how to do that?

That is just what is there. The pitch up and roll right…it continued as the aircraft descended. The “Pink” shaded area at the point of prop loss indicates a “Not Enough Force” error…Indicative of a lost prop or a motor issue. The motor data is not in the .txt file. But this is probably enough to confirm the lost prop. BTW…which prop was missing? Was it the left front?

Sorry, I didn’t actually take the time to orient and identify which prop before I had the other three off and the craft stowed.

For future reference, how would I pull data from the drone itself, as opposed to from the phone?

Is the only additional data motor data?

Thanks again.


For future reference, how would I pull data from the drone itself, as opposed to from the phone?

Retrieving a .DAT from the P3 or Inspire