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Hi all :kissing_heart:
Flew my phantom 3 too close to the roof of my 1 storey house, propeller hit, and it slid about 3 meters (10’), and dropped abt 2,5 meters (8’). Got some new props (not original DJI).
When i try to start up, the props spin, but sound as if one or more cut out intermittently. The drone tries to lift- off, but would fall over if I don’t stop it.
Could that be a loose connection, or a bust motor?
When i take off the props, motors seem to rev up ok, but cut out after a while (5-10 secs)
Hope one of you dear people can point me in the right direction… I’m quite new at drones, (as can be judged by my flying), but an old hand with mechanics and a soldering iron (as can be judged my the amount of old gear I’ve lying around) :smile:
Greets from Europe…

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This could be any number of possibilities. I would start by pulling a .DAT file from the aircraft to take a look at the data. That said however, we would need to know which .DAT file is representative of the latest data. The way to do that is to upload your .txt data file from your device. The .txt data starts when the motors are started, so there will be no actual flight profile, except for the one where the incident occurred.
If you are not familiar with the process, see the link below to upload your .TXT data. Once you do that, place a link back here to that upload and we can tell you which .DAT file you need from the aircraft.
I’m not 100% certain that the .DAT file will have enough to isolate the problem area, but it will most certainly tell you more than the .txt data. Instructions for the .txt file are on the link.

Log Viewer

HI Fly_Dawg, thx a lot for your answer.
Here is first the flight record for the crash:
#1: DJI Flight Log Viewer -
and then the one from when I got new props and tried to fly:
#2: DJI Flight Log Viewer -
On the last, the GPS is clearly off, as the drone was on a table below, and in front of, the roof where it’s placed on the image.
Here’s a new file, where I waited for the GPS to get more sats:
#3: DJI Flight Log Viewer -
#1-2 are with the old battery, #3 with a new battery

I’ve downloaded the CsvView to look at the .txt-files, but my knowledge is way too limited to make anything of it, allthough I can see what looks like cut-outs at 4.3 secs (On the #3 file, there’s still cutouts, now at 4.1 secs), both on battery stats, and others, as if there’s a loss of data at these times :slight_smile:
I can’t seem to find the .dat files…are they from the Go-app, or should they be read from somewhere else?
Tried to connect the drone straight to the laptop, but it doesn’t register as a drive on Win10…

The .DAT files are stored on the Aircraft. Only using your posted files #1 ( The Crash File )…That will be
FLY113.DAT. The other file used is the new battery #3…That will be FLY123.DAT.

Did you follow these Instructions for the .DAT files?
Retrieve P3 DAT

As I’ve gotten the DJI next to me, and am busy uploading the DAT-files, I can hear the camera part above the gimbal, the base fitted to the drone, is making “creaking” noises, rhythmically! Dont know if this is normal.
I’ve uploaded the 113 and 123 DAT-files to Dropbox, and give you the link here below

Thank you so much for guiding me through this!!!

Is it possible to disconnect/ dismount the camera/gimbal unit, and try to fly without it?
Logically, the greatest force has been on the gimbal during the crash, so there’s a good chance that the gimbal has suffered the most. In that way, it would be possible to eliminate any errors coming from there…

Yes, that is possible. I will say that the gimbal board could be part of the issue with the intermittent transmission loss, but that was present on the crash flight as well before the crash. That would have nothing to do with the pitching aircraft at , what I will assume is an idle state with props. I had forgotten that the P3S does not record the motor speeds in the .DAT. So that is not of much help to you. There are other data points which may tell you something however. I would suggest another test with leaving the motors idling with no props, but being that the motor speeds are not recorded that may or may not point you to the correct motors. Let me see if @BudWalker has any other suggestions for you…

Thanx again! I’m away for the weekend so I’ll try the suggestions next week.
Those plastic pins holding the gimbal unit, must one cut them to get them out, and thus find some new ones? The locking washers seem to go over a conical point…
Wishing you a fine weekend!

Without motor data it’s going tough to determine which motor/esc is defective. I looked at the motor commanded data.

which clearly shows there is a problem. But, it can’t be determined what the problem is.

Hi Budwalker, thx toyou for looking into it. What software did you use to see this?
At least, it’s sure that it’s one of the motors? Or the motor controller?
I’ll take the drone apart, and measure the resistance of the motors , to see if one was damaged in the crash…

Check your prop rotation to see if you have the correct prop on the motor and perform a IMU calibration.

Thx Careless… I’ve tried to Google IMU,but can’t see how one does this calibration. Could you pls point me to some info, and the software needed to check/read out that info? Thx in advance

Sorry, found a YouTube video on how to perform the IMU- calibration! Thx😊

Try a new set of OEM propellers. Make certain to observe proper match of prop installations. Also verify proper lateral rotation of props after placement. If you have not already install prop guards to help crash avoidance.

I like to use CsvView which can be downloaded from here.

It could be any number of things but most likely one of the motors or the ESC (motor controller). IMHO.

The props seem to be OK aligned, when I turn them by hand. What should I look out for with these new non-oem-props? Should I try to weigh them, to see what differences there are? What tolerance does the Phantom3 allow? Will try to see whether they individually are well balanced as well… is there any way of checking the motor controller? Thx for alle the help❣

Check you have the right color coding first then reorder. Also good battery performance is key.

Hi Woodrow… what colourcoding do you mean? The black/ silver of the props?