Phantom 3 standard

I purchased a p3s with no camera feed or camera light and limp gimble after power up. All else works fine. I replaced flat cable and WiFi board. I paired rc as well. Now I have gimble control and I get a single red light blink from camera on power up. Still no camera connection or feed. Previous owner said no crashes. Only used a few times and it happened suddenly.

If you remove the memory card from the top of the camera and power on the Phantom, does the camera light still blink? If so, what color is the light and how many times does it blink?

I will check when I get home. Thanks. So far it only blinks once at power up then goes blank. Ill remove card and get back to you. Thanks in advance for any help.

Btw its a brand new card. I haven’t formated it.

I get a one very quick red blink during drone power up card in or out.

I formatted the card and no change.

Did you purchase this Phantom knowing the camera was broken? If so, did the seller give you any details about why/when it stopped working?

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Yes. I knew it had no camera. The previous owner said it happened suddenly. No crashes and it only had light usage.

That probably rules out the firmware as the cause then. I think these are your best options:

  • Take your Phantom to someone who is familiar with repairing DJI drones so they can advise you on which piece of firmware to try replacing next.

  • Send your Phantom to a repair shop. You can find some repair shops here.

  • Buy a new P3S camera and swap out the entire unit. New cameras are available here on Amazon and here on eBay.