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Phantom 3 Professional wobbly/ shaky/ wavy footage

Hello, fellow phantom users! I have run into a problem with a Phantom 3 professional I have bought second hand. Of course, I have thoroughly tested the drone before actually buying the drone, however, I did not have an SD card at hand at the time so I could not test the footage actually shot.

The problem arose the first time I put this drone in the sky with an sd card and rewatching, noticed the wobbly or wavy footage. It is very obvious and I will include a link with the actual footage. Now I have a second phantom 3 professional so I could just swap out the gimbal with this one… so I did. The footage was stable and clear without those disturbances so a few things that I could rule out:

  • Inbalance of the props
  • damping problem ( replaced those dampers immediately after receiving it; also used the same dampers for both footages in the link)
  • any other problem relating to the rc itself
  • I have checked the yaw connection and made sure it is perfectly fitted
  • I have checked the alignment of the gimbal arm to the gimbal board ( I mean the gimbal motor who controls the arm, which after a crash often misaligns → made sure they both point down with the flat surface
  • It is also not the writing speed of the SD since both footages used the same SD 32GB kingston card.
  • Also ruled any kind of calibration ( gimbal, compass, imu) have done all prior.

Have not checked:

  • The ribbon cable from the gimble
  • The lens
  • Whether it is the motherboard of the gimbal
  • Whether it is a defective camera unit

Can anyone help me figure out what the problem exactly is?


I shot some footage on the ground and noticed it was also wobbly on my phone screen ( so without flying), however, I also removed the propellors and filmed indoors, it did not show the wobble this time