Phantom 3 Professional No Image Transmission Signal

Hey everyone I have a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone and for the longest time the app has said “no image transmission signal”. I have tried reinstalling software, and everything you could think of besides taking it apart. I even brought it to a drone shop and they said they didn’t know. Does anyone know of a fix?

If it hasn’t been involved in something bad, the first thing I would do is check all the ‘hardware’. This includes the camera itself, all cable connections (inside and out) etc. Its a process of elimination. Once I have satisfied myself it isn’t a hardware issue only then I would look at the software.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem, or did I waste $400. I bought a used Phantom 3 Pro a few months ago, but just found the time to play with it. It was already at the latest firmware version, and I’ve tried downgrading it with no success.

Thank you.


Yes my P3P states no image transmission after the latest firmware update. I had the dreadful problem of failure to upgrade, so in desperation I separated the camera and gimbal and disconnected all wiring and then reconnected wiring . Put the camera and gimbal back together and now the beeping has stopped but I get the above problem of no image. I believe it is because it gets so damn hot that it has caused damage. Why can’t DJI hold themselves responsible and offer a free repair to what really is their fault. I shall never buy from DJI again because of these problems. Also why can’t DJI post the older versions of the firmware for the P3P ? Then perhaps a roll back could be done.
Much obliged