phantom 3 pro stabilization problem

You can see here below my problem. Any idea about the solution? i was have a stabilization problem on phantom 3 pro drone camera and i go to the repair sevice. its not shaking like past but is this normal? repairman says its normal. but i dont accept this. how can i fix this problem?

No, that’s not normal.

What was it doing in the past before you sent it in to be repaired? What exactly was repaired?

thanks for the reply. the problem has started when i decided to clean the stain on camera lens. and i gave the drone a repair service. they has cleaned the stain on camera lens but a shaking problem has started on gimball. the problem has grown and cannot be prevented. you can see below the my past problems link: and i have gone to new repair service for fix this problem the new repair service has changed some part on gimball you can find at the attachment. And you see the problem now. its not bad at all but this is not normal. in this country anyone has not any idea about repair the dji drones. so i need your help.changed%20part%20of%20the%20gimball

When your Phantom is powered on and sitting on a table, can you see the gimbal shaking?

How many of these pins do you have installed? If less than 4, where are they installed?


No i cant see gimball shaking, the repair service firstly changed damping rubber balls and anti-drop securing pins, there is 4 white damping rubber balls and 2 anti drop securing pins. one of them stays front right and rear left. if there is something to fix this problem , please let me know. and i upload a new video about my problem you can watch from here :

What you described is how those pins should be installed. If you’re sure the rubber balls and pins are installed properly, then I’m thinking one of the gimbal motors might need to be replaced.

hi, msinger. I have no idea how should them placed but i can sent you photo. can you unerstand are they wrong? if you have a assembly diagram please sent me i will try myself :frowning:
I am feeling emty. this is DJI’s mistake, they are selling tousands of product and taking our money. They must have official repair service. Thats not legal. If you are selling something you have to quarantee fix it 7 years in my country.
How can I buy a new DJI drone? For example if I saw a dot on phantom 4 pro, will i change it? will i lose gimball motors? are you changing your glasses when you go to the optician for cleaned up your glasses?
DJI has dissapointed me with their after sales service :frowning:

There are a lot of videos on YouTube that show how to disassemble Phantom 3 gimbals. Here’s an article with photos that shows what’s involved:

If you’re not up for the task of making these repairs yourself, then you could purchase a brand new camera/gimbal and swap it out or contact DJI or a repair shop to have them to do the work.

I don’t know of any countries where DJI will do work under warranty after 7 years. If you’re sure DJI is required to make this repair by law in your country, then you should contact them for help.