Phantom 3 Pro screw sizes

Hello, does anyone know where to buy screws for the phantom 3 pro. I mean the screws not in the #41 kit. gimbal, mount, ribbon cable retainer? thanks in advance. I contacted DJI directly and screw sizes are a secret…pathetic…long story

I don’t know the sizes, but you might be able to find replacement screws if you contact some repair shops (like DJI Drone Service).

Hi msinger,
Thanks for your reply. I didnt have any luck talking to anyone at DJI, nor service centres. everyone wanted me to either ship or bring my unit in for repair. I just wanted 2 screws. I did however find out the screw sizes I required with my calipers and have a boat load coming from AliExpress. If anyone is interested the size for the Gimbal board cover is M2 x 6 wafer head with a max head diameter of 3. mm
The ribbon cable retaining horseshoe bracket retaining screws are M2 x 3 also wafer head with max head diameter of 3. mm