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Phantom 3 Pro beeping (DD-DD)

I have downloaded P3X_FW_V01.11.0020.bin from DJI’s phantom 3 pro downloads website and plugged it in to my Phantom 3 Professional (following this guide from phantomhelp)
if i plug in a new microsd card with nothing on it the gimbal status light is green but the RC (GL300A) would not connect to the DJI GO app (not showing the camera view button)
Troubleshooting that i tried:

  1. Reset the controller (C1-C2-Photo Triggers)
  2. Installing the firmware using a different micro sd card

Removed the microsd card the AC is beeping (DD-DD)
Inserted an empty microsd card the AC is still beeping (DD-DD)
Inserted the microsd card with firmware P3X_FW_V01.11.0020.bin beeps (DD-DD) slowly and 10 secs in it beeps (D-D-D-D) fast like a bomb from Counter Strike then 30 secs more it beeps steadily DDDDDD and to stop it you need to turn it off.
Back lights are flashing Green Yellow Red fast GYR-GYR-GYR-GYR
Front Lights are steady Red

Log File:

Sounds like a problem I had once.On the advice given by DJI I let it beep for 20 minutes or so and it finally finished.