Phantom 3 Pro and ONN tablet

I have a new to me Phantom 3 Pro. Working my way through starting up. I purchased a brand new Android (ONN) tablet at Walmart. I installed Dji Go and I am able to connect the controller and the drone, but it informs me that firmware updates are needed. I am able to download from Dji using a browser on this tablet.
Dji Assistant apparently doesn’t work with a Phantom 3 and you must use Dji Go to update the firmware for this Drone.
When I tell Dji Go to download a firmware update it fails every time and wants me to check my network connection - but the tablet is connected to the internet.
Anyone else had this issue? Solution?

Honest you don’t have to UP date the firmware…I have not updated mine for several years and all’s good…IF it works OK…dont fix it I read about lots of firmware up dates gone bad…I had one experience with that and its not going to happen no more.

I thought the Phantom 3 pro used Fly app not the go app.

Hello I just bought a drone phantom 3 PRO from a friend. Bought new iPad mini 6th gen to use but the iPad won’t connect with the drone camera. I tried a 5th gen iPad and it connects no problem. Any recommendations on what I can do to connect the iPad 6th gen with the drone camera

I would say stick with the 5th gen. and return the 6th gen.

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