Phantom 3 crash after 15 seconds of flight

Hello everyone,

I was trying to fly a used Phantom 3 that I bought yesterday. I went up for around 15 seconds until my drone started loosing control. It was flying randomly at high speeds until it crashed into the ground. While this happened speed error and compass error appeared into my log, it also shows a cell deviation in red as well as changing into ATTI mode. According to my log it reach speeds of up to 117 mph, but I do not know how accurate it is, since I was not able to see it when it drifted away. After the crash the gimbal broke. I tried to fly it without the camera and everything was normal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you!!

Please upload your log here and post the link back here so we can review it.

Hello Msinger, thanks for replying, this is the log, it all starts at 13 seconds:

Wow…what a discombobulated mess of errors here. First, the aircraft will always switch to ATTI mode when there is a conflict from either the compass, GPS reception and/or both. Generally speaking, compass errors occur when taking off from a surface with metallic objects nearby. You should have landed immediately upon that error. However, it appears that you were not aware how ATTI mode flying works. The aircraft will only maintain its altitude via the barometer and will drift in any wind, unless you can regain control. That said, it also appears that there was some sort of motor/esc/or prop issue as well as the compass issue. This would attribute to the hard and fast roll to the ground. The motor data from the aircraft would answer that. The high speeds you saw are bogus. That is the exact point where the motor obstruction error showed up. It is all over the place in the graph below. This aircraft did not appear to be healthy at all, IMO. I would be wary with the FC in this case. Again, JMO.

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@JChrinos, can you post your DAT flight log too? See these instructions for locating it. You can upload it to a file sharing site like Dropbox and post the link back here.

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