Phantom 3 antenna leads - connectors

New member. Big crash. Only baffling repair is reconnecting the grey wire, which pulled out of the ufl connector when the camera broke off. Multi plug and black wire ok.

I have seen several posts on this and apparently it is possible, but a real pain. I plan to simply strip back the coax a bit, insert it into the ufl and re-crimp it using the same connector. No solder…I build hi fi amp kits but this looks to be microsurgery. I have not seen the ufl before. I can’t test it so will reassemble and give it a shot. What can I expect if I fail?

If this is not possible, time for Part 97. But that is so much more complicated…I guess I am seeking support, direction, confirmation…or wave me off now before I really screw up. Thanks.

I’ve never heard of anyone successfully repairing those connectors. If you’re not successful, you can purchase a new antenna from Amazon or eBay.

Yes, this is pretty much what I was thinking. Too bad as only the grey wire has pulled out. It looks like replacing the antennas requires breaking into the shell and pulling motors and the board. A much bigger deal!! Thought I would try this first. If I fail, will the drone act werird? Reduced range? Burn out board?

Right – it’s going to be a bit of work to replace it. This video shows what’s involved: