Phantom 3 Advanced/pro No camera

Have problem with camera connection, the camera is not connected. Rest is ok, but black screen an no connectione to camera,

Flight etc. ok, no new updates.

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Which Phantom do you own? Is it brand new? If not, when did this problem start? Please fill us in on anything else we should know.


It´s Phantom 3 Advanced, It is old,but camera do not respond, checke wiring etc,OK Camera gimbal works, green light etc calibiration works, but no screen, black and no connection to camera set up.


When did it last work as expected? What changed in between now and the last time it worked?


Not sure, the problem is that the phantom 3 dont have the original camera , so i think it´s a link issue or the ribbon band is broken. Will try to fix a new ribbon band for camera and se how it works. Perhaps reset and upload firmware again will help ? The copter responds fine to flightmode tec. and also gimbal works fine,

It’s kind of important to understand what changed since the camera stopped working. That will help you determine if the issue is related to the firmware or hardware.


This is the issue, the copter itself works fine and all system ok, The camera is not the original one, It´s intended to be for the PH3 A. so I think this is the problem. Not sure about the camera if this works or not. Once I have replaced the ribbon I have isolatet that cause, which might be the problem. Then I can start to check for other problems.
Thanks for input so far, will be back to you.

Do you mean the P3P?

It sounds like you’re saying this camera has never been successfully used with your P3A. If that’s the case, then there could be many problems. For starters:

  • The camera could be defective
  • The camera could be installed improperly
  • The gimbal ribbon cable could be damaged
  • You might have the wrong firmware installed on your Phantom (you need the P3P firmware if using a P3P camera)

If the issue is not the firmware and you’re not sure how to troubleshoot the possible hardware issues, then it would probably be best to reach out to a repair shop for help. They will be knowledgeable in such repairs and might be able to give you some pointers if you’re able to give them a detailed description of what you’re seeing and what you’ve tried so far.