Phantom 3 advanced esc error

My P3A crashed a while back and I’ve been slowly repairing it trying to get it back in the air. The AC, RC, and tablet will connect but when I go to launch only 3 motors will start and 1 motor will jutter just a tiny bit sometimes and then nothing…while the 3 other motors are spinning and will start to lift if I push up on the remote which will cause it to tip over… after carefully inspecting the board I found 2 little tiny tiny components that are missing or broke off in the crash. I don’t know what these parts are called and I’m hoping someone could be of help and let me kno what they are called or how I could possibly fix them. Thanks!

Really no way to be sure without a schematic. But those small SMT parts could be, resistors, capacitors or diodes. Look closely at the pads. They may be intentionally left off and not broken off. You should be able to tell from the pad itself but that’s iffy…And that may not even be the issue.