Phantom 3 4k Wi Fi incorrect password ? Reset?

Hello, I’m new here so please bear with me. My controller would not charge or turn on. I opened the unit and unplugged then replugged battery. Problem solved! Now I’m going to connect the Wi Fi for camera etc. INCORRECT PASSWORD So I went into the DJI app and changed password to 12341234 default and applied. Turn on controller and still no connection. I don’t know if the controller battery has anything to do with this. I’ve tried over and over, rebooting everything every time. Over and over no luck! INCORRECT PASSWORD :man_shrugging: Please help! Thanks!!

Try resetting the password like this:

FOUND IT!!! OK i kept researching this forum and found info on resetting the controller. I guess disconnecting the battery caused this. WOW! 6 hours today trying to get a $100 drone to fly! DJI website has nothing to help this old of a drone.
Happy Flying!!

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